Find Gaia EDR3 Stars in Observed TESS Fields




Observation UTC: Select the date of observation so that proper motion will be accounted for.

Right Ascension: Enter the target star right ascension. Use fractional seconds of time if possible.

Declination: Enter the declination in degrees to the nearest arcsecond or better.

Source of Coordinates: If from a plate-solved observation they should be Epoch 2000 including proper motion. If Gaia they will be the date of the Gaia EDR3 which includes proper motion to 2016.0. If TIC, they will be Epoch 2000 with proper motion to 2000.0. The coordinates returned will be Epoch 2000 with proper motion adjusted to match the date of observation.

Magnitude: Provide TESS magnitudes for follow-up observations. Use R or r' if TESS is not available. This selects stars that can blend in a TESS pixel and affect TESS transit signal.

Transit depth: Use a known or anticipated transit depth in parts per thousand, or approximately in milli-magnitudes.

Submit: Sends the request to our server, then to the Gaia database. There will be a delay. Do not press submit again. You will see a new page with a download link for the AstroImageJ radec file containing stars within 2.5 arcminutes of the target.

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Source of Coordinates
Source of Coordinates
Source of Coordinates
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