Lunar Eclipse from Mt. Kent and Moore Observatories
August 28, 2007

These images were taken at Moore Observatory in Louisville, Kentucky, and at Mt. Kent Observatory in Queensland, Australia, with Nikon D200 digital SLR cameras. At Mt. Kent the camera and a Celestron C5 optical system were mounted on the CDK20 telescope, using the telescope's mounting to track the Moon. At Moore the camera was on the RC24's Borg 101 ED guide telescope, with the RC24 mounting tracking the Moon.

From Mt. Kent Observatory, near Toowoomba, Australia, 10:01 PM Eastern Australian Time.

From Moore Observatory, near Louisville, Kentucky

2:10 EDT (Full moon)
3:19 EDT (Penumbral eclipse underway)
4:42 EDT (Nearing first contact)
4:52 EDT (Partial umbral eclipse)
5:22 EDT (Totality 30 minutes away)
5:50 EDT (Totality 2 minutes away)
5:53 EDT (Totality)
6:00 EDT (Totality)
6:01 EDT (Totality)

Images from Mt. Kent Observatory are Copyright 2007 by the University of Southern Queensland and Rhodes Hart. Images from Moore Observatory are Copyright 2007 by John Kielkopf, University of Louisville. These images are licensed with a Creative Commons License, which provides that they may be used freely for noncommercial purposes provided that the license terms are made clear to others, and that the source and Copyright are acknowledged.

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