Apogee CCD Cameras

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The Apogee Alta and Aspen cameras, now manufactured by Andor (Oxford Insturments) were formerly produced by Apogee CCD. These cameras are in use on most of the Shared Skies telescopes as primary sensors for imaging, photometry and spectroscopy. There are models featuring various CCD sensors, shutter designs, and interface speeds, but they share common mechanical designs and for the most part also operate with the same software.

Cameras at Telescopes

Moore Observatory

  • RC24 (MORC)
  • CDK20 (CDK20N)
  • Takahashi FSQ (FSQN) Current uses an SBIG camera
  • Takahashi Mewlon (MEWLON) Currently uses an AVT high speed camera

Mount Lemmon

  • Manner (ULMT) Currently uses an SBIG STX-16803

Mount Kent

  • CDK20 (CDK20S)
  • CDK700
  • Takahashi FSQ (FSQS) Currently uses an SBIG camera

Cameras on Spectrographs

  • Small Echelle under development for Mt. Kent will use an Apogee U9
  • Large Echelle under development for Moore will use an Apogee Alta 16803

Cameras in the Laboratory

  • Reserve An Apogee U9000 has been returned for service. There is an Apogee U16 in reserve.