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This is the "to do" list for the Shared Skies project.
This is the "to do" list for the Shared Skies project.
Last update: March 29, 2011
Last update: June 2, 2011

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This is the "to do" list for the Shared Skies project.

Last update: June 2, 2011

Mt. Kent


All-sky camera the on EDG building roof platform

Repair of site camera's sticky iris

Test new XmTel and XmCCD versions at night

Receipt of shipment of equipment for CDK20S (awaits shipment from US)

Installation of Wacom field camera on CDK20S

Installation of U16M and IFW filter wheel on CDK20S

Install new rain monitor

Clean optics

Install new servers at Mt. Kent

Work on refurbishments of dome for CDK700 (target August 2011 for CDK700 installation in September)

Replace CDK20S mount with A200HR (September 2011)


Shipment of parts to Mt. Kent

Delivery date on CDK700 is September 2011

New rain monitors are installed at Moore and will be shipped to Mt. Kent



Test Manta video from CDK125 for live planetary imaging (current)

Develop Planewave A200HR software on CDK20N

Install Apogee U16M and IFW filterwheels on CDK20N with new mount

Complete software pipeline for remote/autonomous operation of CDK20 photometry

Complete web interface for remote operation of CDK20's (prototype by August 2011)

Install new control for CDK125 focus and temperature using Galil RIO

Connect rain monitor on Sirius dome to remote operations control

Clean optics (August 2011)

Design, build, and install remotely operated mirror covers (late 2011)

Test small and large echelles with RC24 (summer 2011)

Ship completed small echelle to Mt. Kent for use with CDK700 (August 2011)


Roll roof remote operation requires wiring limit switches.



Dome on CDK20S points incorrectly around zenith

There are some places where dome partly obscures scope

Tests needed for discontinuity in mapping telescope pointing to dome azimuth, possibly causing unexpected dome slews


Focus readout in xmtel not working on CDK20S (possibly corrected in lastest XmTel build for CDK20S)