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As of August 10, 2010, this is the "to do" list for the Shared Skies project.

Mt. Kent


Safety review for Mt. Kent staff (in progress)

Safety upgrades to EDG building roof access (nearly complete)

All-sky camera installation on EDG building roof platform (requires hole through roof)

Diagnosis and repair of site camera's sticky iris (requires dismantling camera)

Receipt of shipment of equipment for CDK20S (awaits shipment from US)

Installation of new autoguider on CDK20S (awaits anodizing of components in US)

Installation of Wacom field camera on CDK20S (cameras received in US, August 6)

Installation of U16M and IFW filter wheel on CDK20S (cameras need linearity measurements before shipment)

Repair of weather station's serial interface (spare part on hand in US)

Suse 11.2 installation on Mt. Kent 1 (low priority, fall 2010)

Work on refurbishments of dome for CDK700 (target October 2010 depends on CDK700 schedule)

Upgrade encoders or replace CDK20S mount to get unguided tracking.


Shipment of parts to Mt. Kent awaiting completion of shop work for batch of hardware to be black anodized.

Delivery date on CDK700 is not known.