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This is the "to do" list for the Shared Skies project.

Last update: August 15, 2015

Mt. Kent


Done: Install RFID encoder and motors for the dome for CDK700

Done: Install new computer in CDK700 dome (awaits delivery from US)

Done: Install FSQ106 in middle dome (awaits delivery from US)

Ship: Replacement power switch for CDK20S dome

Software: Web interface for CDK20S and Takahashi

Software: Driver for Planewave server on CDK700


Digiloggers unit is back ordered



Done: Complete modification of the Paramount to use a Galil motion controller

Complete Mt. Kent echelle for shipment by September 15, 2015

Complete software pipeline for remote/autonomous operation of CDK20 photometry

Done: Complete addition of XPA to XmTel and XmCCD for remote operation

Deferred: Design, build, and install remotely operated mirror covers

Done: Improve Sirius dome opening relay operation

Done: Add dropline RC24 dome shutter operation

Deferred: Add heater to CDK20 secondary

Complete prototype Moore echelle for testing in fall 2015

Exterior painting

New fiber optical T1 installation and testing


Roll roof motor relays replaced and interlocks rewired in preparation for remote operations.



Integrate systems with web interface for remote operation


Add hand paddle control to Galil systems

Update for MORC24 w


Update Apogee drivers for new models

Update SBIG library