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Shared Skies

A collaboration between the University of Louisville, and the University of Southern Queensland is developing remotely and robotically operated astronomical facilities for research, teaching and informal education. Telescopes in the southern and northern hemispheres, with a longitude difference that enables students to observe the night sky in daytime classes, are linked by Internet2 to campuses in Louisville, Kentucky, and Toowoomba, Queensland. The very dark sky at Mt. Kent Observatory in Australia offers the center of the Milky Way, the Magellanic Clouds, and transient events not visible from mid-latitudes in the northern hemisphere. Moore Observatory, in a forested nature preserve near Louisville, Kentucky, offers complementary remote services, live images of bright planets and the Moon, and the occasional northern comet and supernova to students in Queensland.

These facilities support university distance education programs in Kentucky and Queensland, science education through discovery and research for students in middle and high school, and advanced research by students and faculty of the universities.