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All of the remotely accessible facilities use remote power swtiching to provide safe reliable control of computers, telescopes, cameras, auxiliary instruments, and the domes. In some cases the switches are available directly to remote users through password protected web sites, and in others they are on locate area networks and available only to on-site observers or scripting software.

All of the controllers currently in use were supplied by Digital Loggers, Inc.. The modules are of various ages and may differ somewhat from the current products but have similar functionality.

  • Web Power Switch provides 8 switched 110VAC outlets and 2 unswitched at Moore Observatory's CDK20 dome and Roll Roof building
  • DIN Relay controls the CDK20 dome at Moore Observatory and the CDK700 dome at Mt. Kent

The switching assignments are given below.

Moore Observatory

Roll Roof

Moondog LAN (

1. Axis Video Server (Wispi) 2. Optec IFW Camera Filter Wheel 3. Roll Roof Interior Lights 4. West Exterior PTZ Video 5. C14 AVT Prosilica Camera and FSQ Apogee U9 Camera 6. West Exterior PTZ Motor 7. Paramount 8. Computer System (Enif)

CDK20 Sirius Dome Power (

1. Computer System (Pegasus) 2. Axis Video Server (Antares) 3. A200HR 4. Apogee U16M 5. Telescope Auxiliary and Optec IFW Camera Filter Wheel 6. Dome Control Power Switch 7. Dome Interior Lights 8. Dome Rotation Battery Charger

CDK20 Sirius Dome Control Switch

Pegasus LAN (

1. Decrease Azimuth 2. Increase Azimuth 3. 4. 5. Open Lower 6. Close Lower 7. Open Upper 8. Close Upper

'RC24 Power Switch

Moondog LAN (not assigned)

1. OTA Power 2. Mount Motor Controller CPU 3. Mount Motor Power 4. Computer System (Equuleus) 5. Auxiliary Dome Light 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

RC24 Ash Dome Control Switch

``Equuleus LAN (

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Rotation On/Off 8. Azimuth Direction (Increase/Decrease)

Mt. Kent Observatory