CDK700 at Mt. Kent Photo Gallery

Rick Hedrick (left) and Joe Haberman (right) with an early prototype at the Planewave factory in September 2009.

Karen Collins at the Planewave factory on October 7, 2010.

Rick Hedrick testing the CDK700 on October 8, 2010.

The finished telescope was delivered by air freight from California to Toowoomba in July 2013, and then to the mountain by truck. A crane lifted the mount with the lower truss, including the primary mirror, into the dome.

The crane was guided by Rhodes Hart to place the mount on a base that had been previously installed in the dome.

The upper truss was aligned and attached.

Rick Hedrick prepared the primary mirror in August.

The telescope is seen settled in its new Queensland home in August 2013.

Rhodes Hart supervised the telescope move into a new dome in April 2015.

The upper truss was lowered into the new dome and reattached to the optical assembly and fork mount.

With cameras installed, the telescope was returned to operation in September 2015.

Last update: April 25, 2016
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