Observing for Students and Visitors

Clear Sky Clock for Moore Observatory

Moore Observatory is a research and advanced teaching facility of the University of Louisville. We occasionally offer tours for small groups, but due to limited staff and time it is not possible to do this on a regular basis.

The observatory operates instruments at its Brownsboro site and companion telescopes at Mt. Kent near Toowoomba, Australia.

The 24-inch Ritchie Chretien (RC24) telescope is a research instrument used by faculty and graduate students involved in studies of exoplanets, optical properties of the atmosphere, and the development of imaging and spectroscopic technology.

A Wide Field Spectral Imager (Wispi) is also used for graduate student research work on the the dust content of galactic nebulae and for bright comet spectroscopy.

A 12.5-inch corrected Dall-Kirham (CDK125) telescope feeds images of planets and the Moon in real time to our website, and may be used remotely by students and visitors.

The 20-inch corrected Dall-Kirkham telescopes at Moore Observatory (CDK20N) and at Mt. Kent (CDK20S) are collaboratively operated by the University of Louisville and the University of Southern Queensland for both research and education. These telescopes are interfaced to Internet2, and are operated remotely by middle and high school students in Kentucky, undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Louisville, and students of the University of Southern Queensland.

The 27-inch advanced design (CDK700) telescope will be installed at Mt. Kent in March 2011. It will be used for studies of exoplanets through precision photometry by students at all levels, and for high resolution stellar spectroscopy.

Other facilities are also available on Belknap Campus.

Last update: October 15, 2010
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