Mt. Kent Observatory Remote/Robotic Telescope Photo Gallery

The CDK20 in its shipping crate, ready to be unpacked in April 2006.

Ron Moore, then Vice President for Information Technology at the University of Louisville, removes the mounting from its shipping container at Mt. Kent in April 2006.

Joe Haberman of Planewave Instruments with the CDK20 that he designed and built for Mt. Kent. This photograph was taken at the time of the telescope's installation in April 2006. It is seen in its rarely used visual configuration, ready for first light on Eta Carinae.

The working group at Mt. Kent during installation, less the photographer. See the next picture for the missing person. Brad Carter (left front), Rhodes Hart (left), Carolyn Brown (center), Drew Foster (right center kneeling), John Kielkopf (right), and Joe Haberman (right front).

One of Mt. Kent's permanent residents joining in during the installation. They are now found from time to time looking for spiders on the telescope.

A panoramic view of the telescope in the dome taken in May 2007. This was the first telescope of the Shared Skies Partnership that now includes two others at Mt. Kent, four telescopes at Moore Observatory in Kentucky, and a telescope at Mt. Lemmon Steward Observatory in Arizona.

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