Linux Software for Operation of an SBIG SG-4 Autoguider

This version offers ...

The Orion Nebula from three 100-second images in the B, V, and R photometric bands.
Recorded using XmGuider with an SBIG SG-4 on a 0.5-meter corrected Dall-Kirkham telescope at Moore Observatory.

Although XmGuider is not currently maintained, this version provides an open source Linux interface to the SBIG SG-4 autoguider. Its primary function is to permit automatic guiding of remotely controlled and robotic telescopes without operator intervention. This software implements most, but not all, control options provided through the serial interface: setting exposure time, taking dark frames, calibrating guider response, and toggling autonomous operation on or off. Transferred images in this version are always binned 2x2 to minimize delay for the serial transfer. Subarea selection of the images is not supported. Image display is with SAOImage ds9, which is started automatically when xmguider1 is started. This is useful for focusing, but is not needed for the autoguiding feature. Scripted and command line operation through the INDI client are supported.

Last update: June 18, 2010
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