XmTel Research Telescope Control Software

XmTel uses the Instrument Neutral Device Interface (INDI) and is compatible with Clear Sky Institute's XEphem.

XmCCD is a similar INDI package for controlling Apogee and Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) scientific CCD cameras.

Version 6 includes the INDI server, telescope drivers, a client, utility software, and a standalone option that does not use INDI. Examples of cgi scripts and Ajax/javascript web sites are included to enable operating a telescope through an httpd server. When the indiserver is running, the supplied utilities permit command line control.

During the installation you will have to select which telescope you will use before building the binaries. The Motif development libraries are needed to build XmTel. If you can compile XEphem then you should have the tools to compile XmTel. There is limited program installation and usage documentation in the package. A detailed user manual will be available soon.

Last update: July 23, 2012
kielkopf at louisville dot edu