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This is the "to do" list for the Shared Skies project.

Last update: January 1, 2018

Mt. Kent


Complete environmental links to allow safe remote operation.

Implement astrometry-based guiding on CDK20S and CDK700.

Build web-based remote control or monitoring software.


Minerva South or Minerva Australis construction is complete. Shared Skies is independent of Minerva.



Make FSQN or another telescope available to students on line

Implement Galil controller as an option for MORC to allow absolute encoding

Remove droplines and replace with wireless or contact based dome interface on CDK20N and MORC

Exterior painting in spring 2018

Upgrade fiber to 1 Mb/s planned for early 2018


Roll roof motor relays replaced and interlocks rewired in preparation for remote operations.

Mt. Lemmon

Replace filter wheel on the ULMT telescope with a more reliable wheel

Add Linux VM to the control system options

Add a small formfactor CPU at the telescope to reduce cable lengths



Integrate systems with web interface for remote operation

Complete scheduler software to connect to remote operations


Add hand paddle control to Galil systems

Update for MORC24 including use of absolute encoders


Fix issues with region selection

Update SBIG library when libraries are available


Systematically update OS's to latest Opensuse releases

Add Linux VM at ULMT