Constant Field Values


public static final int COLOR 2
public static final int COMPOSITE 1
public static final int GRAYSCALE 3
public static final int MAX_CHANNELS 7
public static final int TRANSPARENT 4

public static final int ALL_KEYS -1
public static final char angstromSymbol 197
public static final int CANCELED -2147483648
public static final char degreeSymbol 176
public static final char micronSymbol 181
public static final java.lang.String URL ""

public static final int BACKGROUND_COLOR_CHANGED 1
public static final int COLOR_PICKER_CLOSED 2
public static final int FOREGROUND_COLOR_CHANGED 0
public static final int LOG_WINDOW_CLOSED 3
public static final int TOOL_CHANGED 4

public static final java.lang.String BUILD "6"
public static final int DEFAULT_PORT 57294
public static final int EMBEDDED 1
public static final int STANDALONE 0
public static final java.lang.String VERSION "1.43r"

protected static final int CLOSED 1
public static final int COLOR_256 3
public static final int COLOR_RGB 4
public static final int GRAY16 1
public static final int GRAY32 2
public static final int GRAY8 0
protected static final int OPENED 0
protected static final int UPDATED 2

public static final java.lang.String MACRO_CANCELED "Macro canceled"

public static final char ABOUT_MENU 97
public static final int COMMAND_IN_USE -1
public static final int COMMAND_NOT_FOUND -5
public static final char FILTERS_MENU 102
public static final char IMPORT_MENU 105
public static final int INVALID_SHORTCUT -2
public static final int MAX_OPEN_RECENT_ITEMS 15
public static final int NORMAL_RETURN 0
public static final int NOT_INSTALLED -4
public static final char PLUGINS_MENU 112
public static final char SAVE_AS_MENU 115
public static final int SHORTCUT_IN_USE -3
public static final char SHORTCUTS_MENU 104
public static final char TOOLS_MENU 116
public static final char UTILITIES_MENU 117
public static final int WINDOW_MENU_ITEMS 5

public static final java.lang.String BCOLOR "bcolor"
public static final java.lang.String DIR_IMAGE "dir.image"
public static final java.lang.String DIV_BY_ZERO_VALUE "div-by-zero"
public static final java.lang.String FCOLOR "fcolor"
public static final java.lang.String FPS "fps"
public static final java.lang.String JPEG "jpeg"
public static final java.lang.String KEY_PREFIX "."
public static final java.lang.String MENU_SIZE "menu.size"
public static final java.lang.String NOISE_SD ""
public static final java.lang.String OPTIONS "prefs.options"
public static final java.lang.String PREFS_NAME "IJ_Prefs.txt"
public static final java.lang.String PROPS_NAME "IJ_Props.txt"
public static final java.lang.String ROICOLOR "roicolor"
public static final java.lang.String SHOW_ALL_COLOR "showcolor"
public static final java.lang.String THREADS "threads"
public static final java.lang.String vistaHint "\n \nOn Windows Vista, ImageJ must be installed in a directory that\nthe user can write to, such as \"Desktop\" or \"Documents\""

public static final int COMPOUND_FILTER 4
public static final int COMPOUND_FILTER_DONE 5
public static final int FILTER 1
public static final int NOTHING 0
public static final int OVERLAY_ADDITION 7
public static final int PASTE 3
public static final int TRANSFORM 6
public static final int TYPE_CONVERSION 2


public static final java.lang.String DOUBLE_HEADED_KEY "arrow.double"
public static final int FILLED 0
public static final int NOTCHED 1
public static final int OPEN 2
public static final java.lang.String SIZE_KEY "arrow.size"
public static final java.lang.String STYLE_KEY ""
public static final java.lang.String WIDTH_KEY "arrow.width"

public static final int MAX_SLIDERS 25

public static final int MIN_HEIGHT 32
public static final int MIN_WIDTH 128

public static final int CHECK_AVAILABLE_MEMORY 8
public static final int FILL_BLACK 1
public static final int FILL_RAMP 2
public static final int FILL_WHITE 4
public static final int GRAY16 1
public static final int GRAY32 2
public static final int GRAY8 0
public static final int RGB 3

public static final int BOTTOM_MARGIN 40
public static final int BOX 3
public static final int CIRCLE 0
public static final int CROSS 5
public static final int DEFAULT_FLAGS 51
public static final int DOT 6
public static final int LEFT_MARGIN 60
public static final int LINE 2
public static final int RIGHT_MARGIN 18
public static final int TOP_MARGIN 15
public static final int TRIANGLE 4
public static final int X 1
public static final int X_FORCE2GRID 64
public static final int X_GRID 16
public static final int X_NUMBERS 1
public static final int X_TICKS 4
public static final int Y_FORCE2GRID 128
public static final int Y_GRID 32
public static final int Y_NUMBERS 2
public static final int Y_TICKS 8

public static final int BOX 3
public static final int CIRCLE 0
public static final int CROSS 5
public static final int LINE 2
public static final int TRIANGLE 4
public static final int X 1

public static final int ANGLE 8
public static final int COMPOSITE 9
public static final int CONSTRUCTING 0
public static final int FREELINE 7
public static final int FREEROI 3
public static final int HANDLE_SIZE 5
public static final int LINE 5
public static final int MOVING 1
public static final int MOVING_HANDLE 4
public static final int NORMAL 3
public static final int NOT_PASTING -1
public static final int OVAL 1
public static final int POINT 10
public static final int POLYGON 2
public static final int POLYLINE 6
public static final int RECTANGLE 0
public static final int RESIZING 2
public static final int TRACED_ROI 4

public static final int ANGLE 14
public static final int CROSSHAIR 7
public static final int DOUBLE_CLICK_THRESHOLD 650
public static final int DROPPER 13
public static final int FREELINE 6
public static final int FREEROI 3
public static final int HAND 12
public static final int LINE 4
public static final int MAGNIFIER 11
public static final int OVAL 1
public static final int POINT 7
public static final int POLYGON 2
public static final int POLYLINE 5
public static final int RECTANGLE 0
public static final int SPARE1 10
public static final int SPARE2 15
public static final int SPARE3 16
public static final int SPARE4 17
public static final int SPARE5 18
public static final int SPARE6 19
public static final int SPARE7 20
public static final int SPARE8 21
public static final int SPARE9 22
public static final int TEXT 9
public static final int WAND 8

public static final int EIGHT_CONNECTED 8
public static final int FOUR_CONNECTED 4
public static final int LEGACY_MODE 1*
public static final int ABGR 18
public static final int ARGB 9
public static final int BARG 15
public static final int BGR 10
public static final int BITMAP 8
public static final int BMP 5
public static final int COLOR8 5
public static final int COMPRESSION_NONE 1
public static final int COMPRESSION_UNKNOWN 0
public static final int DICOM 6
public static final int FITS 4
public static final int GIF_OR_JPG 3
public static final int GRAY12_UNSIGNED 13
public static final int GRAY16_SIGNED 1
public static final int GRAY16_UNSIGNED 2
public static final int GRAY24_UNSIGNED 14
public static final int GRAY32_FLOAT 4
public static final int GRAY32_INT 3
public static final int GRAY32_UNSIGNED 11
public static final int GRAY64_FLOAT 16
public static final int GRAY8 0
public static final int IMAGEIO 9
public static final int JPEG 4
public static final int LZW 2
public static final int LZW_WITH_DIFFERENCING 3
public static final int PACK_BITS 5
public static final int PGM 8
public static final int RAW 1
public static final int RGB 6
public static final int RGB_PLANAR 7
public static final int RGB48 12
public static final int RGB48_PLANAR 17
public static final int TIFF 2
public static final int UNKNOWN 0
public static final int ZIP_ARCHIVE 7
public static final int DEFAULT_JPEG_QUALITY 75
public static final int AVI 16
public static final int BMP 8
public static final int CUSTOM 15
public static final int DICOM 2
public static final int FITS 3
public static final int GIF 6
public static final int JAVA_OR_TEXT 10
public static final int JPEG 5
public static final int LUT 7
public static final int OJJ 17
public static final int PGM 4
public static final int PNG 13
public static final int ROI 11
public static final int TABLE 18
public static final int TEXT 12
public static final int TIFF 1
public static final int TIFF_AND_DICOM 14
public static final int UNKNOWN 0
public static final int ZIP 9
public static final int ARROW 2
public static final int ARROW_HEAD_SIZE 53
public static final int ARROW_STYLE 52
public static final int BOTTOM 12
public static final int COORDINATES 64
public static final int DOUBLE_HEADED 2
public static final int FILL_COLOR 44
public static final int LEFT 10
public static final int N_COORDINATES 16
public static final int OPTIONS 50
public static final int RIGHT 14
public static final int ROUNDED_RECT_ARC_SIZE 54
public static final int SHAPE_ROI_SIZE 36
public static final int SPLINE_FIT 1
public static final int STROKE_COLOR 40
public static final int STROKE_WIDTH 34
public static final int SUBTYPE 48
public static final int TEXT 1
public static final int TOP 8
public static final int TYPE 6
public static final int VERSION_OFFSET 4
public static final int X1 18
public static final int X2 26
public static final int Y1 22
public static final int Y2 30
public static final int ARTEST 315
public static final int BITS_PER_SAMPLE 258
public static final int COLOR_MAP 320
public static final int COMPRESSION 259
public static final int DATE_TIME 306
public static final int HOST_COMPUTER 316
public static final int IMAGE_DESCRIPTION 270
public static final int IMAGE_LENGTH 257
public static final int IMAGE_WIDTH 256
public static final int IPLAB 34122
public static final int JPEG_TABLES 347
public static final int META_DATA 50839
public static final int META_DATA_BYTE_COUNTS 50838
public static final int METAMORPH1 33628
public static final int METAMORPH2 33629
public static final int NEW_SUBFILE_TYPE 254
public static final int NIH_IMAGE_HDR 43314
public static final int ORIENTATION 274
public static final int PHOTO_INTERP 262
public static final int PLANAR_CONFIGURATION 284
public static final int PREDICTOR 317
public static final int RESOLUTION_UNIT 296
public static final int ROWS_PER_STRIP 278
public static final int SAMPLE_FORMAT 339
public static final int SAMPLES_PER_PIXEL 277
public static final int SOFTWARE 305
public static final int STRIP_BYTE_COUNT 279
public static final int STRIP_OFFSETS 273
public static final int X_RESOLUTION 282
public static final int Y_RESOLUTION 283


public static final int FAST_TRACE 3
public static final int NONE 0
public static final int RUN 4
public static final int RUN_TO_CARET 5
public static final int STEP 1
public static final int TRACE 2

public static final int ABS 1001
public static final int ACOS 1047
public static final int ARRAY 139
public static final int ARRAY_FUNC 3007
public static final int ARRAY_FUNCTION 137
public static final int ASIN 1046
public static final int ATAN 1027
public static final int ATAN2 1036
public static final int AUTO_UPDATE 323
public static final int BEEP 304
public static final int BIT_DEPTH 1025
public static final int CALCULATOR 384
public static final int CALIBRATE 1045
public static final int CALL 2023
public static final int CHANGE_VALUES 338
public static final int CHAR_CODE_AT 1032
public static final int CLOSE 368
public static final int COS 1002
public static final int D2S 2000
public static final int DEBUG 2028
public static final int DIALOG 2017
public static final int DIV_EQUAL 12
public static final int DO 205
public static final int DO_COMMAND 327
public static final int DO_WAND 309
public static final int DRAW_LINE 321
public static final int DRAW_OVAL 389
public static final int DRAW_RECT 388
public static final int DRAW_STRING 325
public static final int DUMP 318
public static final int ELSE 203
public static final int ENDS_WITH 1035
public static final int EOF 128
public static final int EQ 3
public static final int EVAL 2014
public static final int EXEC 2026
public static final int EXIT 340
public static final int EXP 1003
public static final int EXT 2025
public static final int FALSE 210
public static final int FILE 2019
public static final int FILL 335
public static final int FILL_OVAL 390
public static final int FILL_RECT 376
public static final int FIT 1055
public static final int FLOOD_FILL 378
public static final int FLOOR 1004
public static final int FOR 206
public static final int FROM_CHAR_CODE 2006
public static final int FUNCTION 207
public static final int GET_ARGUMENT 2009
public static final int GET_BOOLEAN 1033
public static final int GET_BOUNDING_RECT 347
public static final int GET_BOUNDS 375
public static final int GET_COORDINATES 350
public static final int GET_COUNT 1018
public static final int GET_CURSOR_LOC 342
public static final int GET_DATE_AND_TIME 382
public static final int GET_DIMENSIONS 394
public static final int GET_DIRECTORY 2008
public static final int GET_FILE_LIST 3003
public static final int GET_FONT_LIST 3004
public static final int GET_HEIGHT 1015
public static final int GET_HISTOGRAM 345
public static final int GET_ID 1024
public static final int GET_IMAGE_INFO 2010
public static final int GET_INFO 2007
public static final int GET_LINE 343
public static final int GET_LIST 3006
public static final int GET_LOCATION_AND_SIZE 381
public static final int GET_LUT 348
public static final int GET_METADATA 2018
public static final int GET_MIN_AND_MAX 367
public static final int GET_NUMBER 1019
public static final int GET_PIXEL 1000
public static final int GET_PIXEL_SIZE 360
public static final int GET_PROFILE 3000
public static final int GET_RAW_STATISTICS 377
public static final int GET_RESULT 1017
public static final int GET_RESULT_LABEL 2022
public static final int GET_SLICE_NUMBER 1042
public static final int GET_STATISTICS 346
public static final int GET_STRING 2004
public static final int GET_STRING_WIDTH 1054
public static final int GET_THRESHOLD 359
public static final int GET_TIME 1013
public static final int GET_TITLE 2003
public static final int GET_VALUE 1051
public static final int GET_VERSION 2021
public static final int GET_VOXEL_SIZE 344
public static final int GET_WIDTH 1014
public static final int GET_ZOOM 1038
public static final int GT 5
public static final int GTE 6
public static final int IF 202
public static final int IJ_CALL 2029
public static final int INDEX_OF 1030
public static final int INVERT 301
public static final int IS 1050
public static final int IS_ACTIVE 1029
public static final int IS_KEY_DOWN 1041
public static final int IS_NAN 1037
public static final int IS_OPEN 1028
public static final int LAST_INDEX_OF 1031
public static final int LENGTH_OF 1022
public static final int LINE_TO 320
public static final int LIST 2027
public static final int LOG 1005
public static final int LOGICAL_AND 13
public static final int LOGICAL_OR 14
public static final int LT 7
public static final int LTE 8
public static final int MACRO 200
public static final int MAKE_LINE 315
public static final int MAKE_OVAL 316
public static final int MAKE_POINT 396
public static final int MAKE_POLYGON 386
public static final int MAKE_RECTANGLE 317
public static final int MAKE_SELECTION 352
public static final int MAKE_TEXT 397
public static final int MATCHES 1053
public static final int MAX_OF 1006
public static final int MIN_OF 1007
public static final int MINUS_EQUAL 10
public static final int MINUS_MINUS 2
public static final int MOVE_TO 319
public static final int MUL_EQUAL 11
public static final int NaN 212
public static final int NEQ 4
public static final int NEW_ARRAY 3001
public static final int NEW_IMAGE 370
public static final int NEW_MENU 3005
public static final int NIMAGES 1020
public static final int NOP 131
public static final int NRESULTS 1023
public static final int NSLICES 1021
public static final int NUMBER 130
public static final int NUMERIC_FUNCTION 135
public static final int OPEN 365
public static final int OVERLAY 1056
public static final int PARSE_FLOAT 1040
public static final int PARSE_INT 1039
public static final int PI 211
public static final int PLOT 356
public static final int PLUS_EQUAL 9
public static final int PLUS_PLUS 1
public static final int POW 1008
public static final int PREDEFINED_FUNCTION 134
public static final int PRINT 307
public static final int PUT_PIXEL 331
public static final int RANDOM 1016
public static final int RENAME 374
public static final int REPLACE 2016
public static final int REQUIRES 322
public static final int RESET 334
public static final int RESET_MIN_MAX 305
public static final int RESET_THRESHOLD 306
public static final int RESTORE_PREVIOUS_TOOL 379
public static final int RESTORE_SETTINGS 363
public static final int RETURN 208
public static final int ROI_MANAGER 1048
public static final int ROUND 1009
public static final int RUN 300
public static final int RUN_MACRO 2013
public static final int SAVE 372
public static final int SAVE_AS 371
public static final int SAVE_SETTINGS 362
public static final int SCREEN_HEIGHT 1044
public static final int SCREEN_WIDTH 1043
public static final int SELECT 302
public static final int SELECT_IMAGE 339
public static final int SELECTION_NAME 2020
public static final int SELECTION_TYPE 1026
public static final int SET_AUTO_THRESHOLD 373
public static final int SET_BACKGROUND 314
public static final int SET_BATCH_MODE 355
public static final int SET_COLOR 336
public static final int SET_FONT 366
public static final int SET_FOREGROUND 313
public static final int SET_JUSTIFICATION 357
public static final int SET_KEY_DOWN 364
public static final int SET_LINE_WIDTH 337
public static final int SET_LOCATION 341
public static final int SET_LUT 349
public static final int SET_METADATA 383
public static final int SET_MIN_MAX 310
public static final int SET_OPTION 391
public static final int SET_PASTE_MODE 326
public static final int SET_PIXEL 332
public static final int SET_RESULT 353
public static final int SET_RGB_WEIGHTS 385
public static final int SET_SELECTION_LOC 393
public static final int SET_SELECTION_NAME 387
public static final int SET_SLICE 369
public static final int SET_THRESHOLD 311
public static final int SET_TOOL 312
public static final int SET_VOXEL_SIZE 380
public static final int SET_Z_COORDINATE 358
public static final int SETUP_UNDO 361
public static final int SHIFT_LEFT 16
public static final int SHIFT_RIGHT 15
public static final int SHOW_MESSAGE 330
public static final int SHOW_MESSAGE_WITH_CANCEL 351
public static final int SHOW_PROGRESS 329
public static final int SHOW_STATUS 328
public static final int SHOW_TEXT 392
public static final int SIN 1010
public static final int SNAPSHOT 333
public static final int SPLIT 3002
public static final int SQRT 1011
public static final int STACK 1052
public static final int STARTS_WITH 1034
public static final int STRING 2024
public static final int STRING_CONSTANT 133
public static final int STRING_FUNCTION 136
public static final int SUBSTRING 2005
public static final int TAN 1012
public static final int TO_BINARY 2002
public static final int TO_HEX 2001
public static final int TO_LOWER_CASE 2011
public static final int TO_STRING 2015
public static final int TO_UPPER_CASE 2012
public static final int TOK_MASK 4095
public static final int TOK_SHIFT 12
public static final int TOOL_ID 1049
public static final int TRUE 209
public static final int UPDATE_DISPLAY 324
public static final int UPDATE_RESULTS 354
public static final int USER_FUNCTION 138
public static final int VAR 201
public static final int WAIT 303
public static final int WAIT_FOR_USER 395
public static final int WHILE 204
public static final int WORD 129
public static final int WRITE 308

public static final int ARG_ARRAY 4
public static final int ARG_NUMBER 2
public static final int ARG_OPTIONAL 32
public static final int ARG_OUTPUT 16
public static final int ARG_STRING 1


public static final int CUSTOM 22
public static final int EXPONENTIAL 4
public static final int GAMMA_VARIATE 8
public static final int LOG 6
public static final int LOG2 9
public static final int NONE 20
public static final int POLY2 1
public static final int POLY3 2
public static final int POLY4 3
public static final int POWER 5
public static final int RODBARD 7
public static final int RODBARD2 10
public static final int STRAIGHT_LINE 0
public static final int UNCALIBRATED_OD 21

public static final int EXP_RECOVERY 13
public static final int EXP_WITH_OFFSET 11
public static final int EXPONENTIAL 4
public static final int GAMMA_VARIATE 8
public static final int GAUSSIAN 12
public static final int IterFactor 500
public static final int LOG 6
public static final int LOG2 9
public static final int POLY2 1
public static final int POLY3 2
public static final int POLY4 3
public static final int POWER 5
public static final int RODBARD 7
public static final int RODBARD2 10
public static final int STRAIGHT_LINE 0

public static final int AREA 1
public static final int AREA_FRACTION 524288
public static final int CENTER_OF_MASS 64
public static final int CENTROID 32
public static final int CIRCULARITY 8192
public static final int ELLIPSE 2048
public static final int FERET 16384
public static final int INTEGRATED_DENSITY 32768
public static final int INVERT_Y 4096
public static final int KURTOSIS 262144
public static final int LABELS 1024
public static final int LIMIT 256
public static final int MAX_STANDARDS 20
public static final int MEAN 2
public static final int MEDIAN 65536
public static final int MIN_MAX 16
public static final int MODE 8
public static final int PERIMETER 128
public static final int RECT 512
public static final int SCIENTIFIC_NOTATION 2097152
public static final int SHAPE_DESCRIPTORS 8192
public static final int SKEWNESS 131072
public static final int SLICE 1048576
public static final int STACK_POSITION 1048576
public static final int STD_DEV 4

public static final int ANGLE 17
public static final int AREA 0
public static final int AREA_FRACTION 24
public static final int ASPECT_RATIO 32
public static final int CHANNEL 25
public static final int CIRCULARITY 18
public static final int COLUMN_IN_USE -2
public static final int COLUMN_NOT_FOUND -1
public static final int FERET 19
public static final int FERET_ANGLE 30
public static final int FERET_X 28
public static final int FERET_Y 29
public static final int FRAME 27
public static final int INTEGRATED_DENSITY 20
public static final int KURTOSIS 23
public static final int LAST_HEADING 34
public static final int MAJOR 15
public static final int MAX 5
public static final int MAX_COLUMNS 150
public static final int MEAN 1
public static final int MEDIAN 21
public static final int MIN 4
public static final int MIN_FERET 31
public static final int MINOR 16
public static final int MODE 3
public static final int PERIMETER 10
public static final int ROI_HEIGHT 14
public static final int ROI_WIDTH 13
public static final int ROI_X 11
public static final int ROI_Y 12
public static final int ROUNDNESS 33
public static final int SKEWNESS 22
public static final int SLICE 26
public static final int SOLIDITY 34
public static final int STD_DEV 2
public static final int TABLE_FULL -3
public static final int X_CENTER_OF_MASS 8
public static final int X_CENTROID 6
public static final int Y_CENTER_OF_MASS 9
public static final int Y_CENTROID 7


public static final int DEFAULT_QUALITY 75

public static final char commandPrefix 94
public static final int MAX_MACROS 100
public static final int MAX_SIZE 28000
public static final int XINC 10
public static final int YINC 18

public static final int JAVASCRIPT 1
public static final int MACRO 0
public static final int PLUGIN 2
public static final int PLUGIN_FILTER 3
public static final int PLUGIN_FRAME 4
public static final int TABLE 6
public static final int TEXT_FILE 5

public static final int IN_PLACE 16
public static final int SCALE_T 32

public static final int AVG_METHOD 0
public static final java.lang.String lutMessage "Stacks with inverter LUTs may not project correctly.\nTo create a standard LUT, invert the stack (Edit/Invert)\nand invert the LUT (Image/Lookup Tables/Invert LUT)."
public static final int MAX_METHOD 1
public static final int MEDIAN_METHOD 5
public static final int MIN_METHOD 2
public static final int SD_METHOD 4
public static final int SUM_METHOD 3

public static final int JPEG_COMPRESSION 1196444237
public static final int NO_COMPRESSION 0
public static final int PNG_COMPRESSION 543649392

public static final int BYTE 1
public static final int BYTE_OVERWRITE 0
public static final int FLOAT 3
public static final int ONE 41
public static final int SHORT 2
public static final int SQRT2 58
public static final int SQRT5 92

public static final int KEEP_PREVIEW 16777216

public static final java.lang.String MACRO_KEY "math.macro"

public static final int COUNT 5
public static final int IN_TOLERANCE 1
public static final int LIST 4
public static final int POINT_SELECTION 3
public static final int SEGMENTED 2
public static final int SINGLE_POINTS 0

public static final int ADD_TO_MANAGER 2048
public static final int CLEAR_WORKSHEET 64
public static final int DISPLAY_SUMMARY 256
protected static final int ELLIPSES 3
public static final int EXCLUDE_EDGE_PARTICLES 8
public static final int FOUR_CONNECTED 8192
public static final int INCLUDE_HOLES 1024
protected static final int MASKS 2
protected static final int NOTHING 0
protected static final int OUTLINES 1
public static final int RECORD_STARTS 128
protected static final int ROI_MASKS 4
public static final int SHOW_MASKS 4096
public static final int SHOW_NONE 512
public static final int SHOW_OUTLINES 4
public static final int SHOW_PROGRESS 32
public static final int SHOW_RESULTS 1
public static final int SHOW_ROI_MASKS 16
public static final int SHOW_SUMMARY 2

public static final int CONVERT_TO_FLOAT 8192
public static final int DOES_16 4
public static final int DOES_32 8
public static final int DOES_8C 2
public static final int DOES_8G 1
public static final int DOES_ALL 31
public static final int DOES_RGB 16
public static final int DOES_STACKS 32
public static final int DONE 4096
public static final int FINAL_PROCESSING 65536
public static final int KEEP_THRESHOLD 131072
public static final int NO_CHANGES 128
public static final int NO_IMAGE_REQUIRED 512
public static final int NO_UNDO 256
public static final int PARALLELIZE_STACKS 32768
public static final int ROI_REQUIRED 1024
public static final int SNAPSHOT 16384
public static final int STACK_REQUIRED 2048
public static final int SUPPORTS_MASKING 64

public static final int DESPECKLE 6
public static final int MAX 2
public static final int MEAN 0
public static final int MEDIAN 4
public static final int MIN 1
public static final int OUTLIERS 5
public static final int VARIANCE 3

public static final java.lang.String LOC_KEY "b&c.loc"

public static final int MACROS_MENU_ITEMS 8
public static final int MAX_SIZE 28000
public static final int MENU_BAR 2
public static final int MONOSPACED 1
public static final int XINC 10
public static final int YINC 18

public static final java.lang.String LOC_KEY "fonts.loc"

public static final java.lang.String LOC_KEY "line.loc"

public static final java.lang.String LOC_KEY "manager.loc"

public static final java.lang.String LOC_KEY "threshold.loc"
public static final java.lang.String MODE_KEY "threshold.mode"


public static final int ADD 3
public static final int AND 9
public static final int AVERAGE 7
public static final int COPY 0
public static final int COPY_INVERTED 1
public static final int COPY_TRANSPARENT 2
public static final int COPY_ZERO_TRANSPARENT 14
public static final int DIFFERENCE 8
public static final int DIVIDE 6
public static final int MAX 13
public static final int MIN 12
public static final int MULTIPLY 5
public static final int OR 10
public static final int SUBTRACT 4
public static final int XOR 11

public static final int RGB_DILATE 4
public static final int RGB_ERODE 3
public static final int RGB_FIND_EDGES 2
public static final int RGB_MEDIAN 1
public static final int RGB_NOISE 0
public static final int RGB_RESIZE 8
public static final int RGB_ROTATE 6
public static final int RGB_SCALE 7
public static final int RGB_THRESHOLD 5
public static final int RGB_TRANSLATE 9

public static final int BICUBIC 2
public static final int BILINEAR 1
public static final int BLACK -16777216
public static final int BLACK_AND_WHITE_LUT 1
public static final int BLUR_MORE 0
public static final int CENTER_JUSTIFY 1
public static final int CONVOLVE 5
public static final int FIND_EDGES 1
public static final int ISODATA 0
public static final int ISODATA2 1
public static final int LEFT_JUSTIFY 0
public static final int MAX 4
public static final int MEDIAN_FILTER 2
public static final int MIN 3
public static final int NEAREST_NEIGHBOR 0
public static final int NO_LUT_UPDATE 2
public static final double NO_THRESHOLD -808080.0
public static final int NONE 0
public static final int OVER_UNDER_LUT 3
public static final int RED_LUT 0
public static final int RIGHT_JUSTIFY 2


public static final java.lang.String DEBUG_LOC_KEY "debug.loc"
public static final java.lang.String HEIGHT_KEY "results.height"
public static final java.lang.String LOC_KEY "results.loc"
public static final java.lang.String LOG_LOC_KEY "log.loc"
public static final java.lang.String WIDTH_KEY "results.width"