Package ij.plugin.frame

Class Summary
Channels Displays the ImageJ Channels window.
ColorPicker Implements the Image/Color/Color Picker command.
ColorThresholder Selects pixels according to hsb or rgb components.
ContrastAdjuster This plugin implements the Brightness/Contrast, Window/level and Color Balance commands, all in the Image/Adjust sub-menu.
Editor This is a simple TextArea based editor for editing and compiling plugins.
Fitter ImageJ plugin that does curve fitting using the modified CurveFitter class.
Fonts Displays a window that allows the user to set the font, size and style.
LineWidthAdjuster Adjusts the width of line selections.
PasteController Implements ImageJ's Paste Control window.
PlugInFrame This is a closeable window that plugins can extend.
Recorder This is ImageJ's macro recorder.
RoiManager This plugin implements the Analyze/Tools/ROI Manager command.
ThresholdAdjuster Adjusts the lower and upper threshold levels of the active image.