Package ij.plugin.filter

Interface Summary
ExtendedPlugInFilter ImageJ plugins that process an image may implement this interface.
PlugInFilter ImageJ plugins that process an image should implement this interface.

Class Summary
Analyzer This plugin implements ImageJ's Analyze/Measure and Analyze/Set Measurements commands.
AVI_Writer This plugin saves stacks in AVI format.
BackgroundSubtracter Implements ImageJ's Subtract Background command.
Benchmark Implements the Plugins/Utilities/Run Benchmark command.
Binary Implements the Erode, Dilate, Open, Close, Outline, Skeletonize and Fill Holes commands in the Process/Binary submenu.
CalibrationBar This plugin displays a calibration bar on the active image.
Calibrator Implements the Analyze/Calibrate command.
Convolver This plugin convolves images using user user defined kernels.
Duplicater Deprecated. replaced by Duplicator class
EDM This plugin implements the Euclidean Distance Map (EDM), Watershed, Ultimate Eroded Points and Voronoi commands in the Process/Binary submenu.
FFTCustomFilter This class implements the Process/FFT/Custom Filter command.
FFTFilter This class implements the Process/FFT/Bandpass Filter command.
Filler This plugin implements ImageJ's Fill, Clear, Clear Outside and Draw commands.
Filters This plugin implements the Invert, Smooth, Sharpen, Find Edges, and Add Noise commands.
FractalBoxCounter Calculate the so-called "capacity" fractal dimension.
GaussianBlur This plug-in filter uses convolution with a Gaussian function for smoothing.
ImageMath This plugin implements ImageJ's Process/Math submenu.
Info This plugin implements the Image/Show Info command.
LineGraphAnalyzer Implements ImageJ's Analyze/Tools/Analyze Line Graph command.
LutApplier This plugin implements the Image/Lookup Tables/Apply LUT command.
LutViewer Displays the active image's look-up table.
MaximumFinder This ImageJ plug-in filter finds the maxima (or minima) of an image.
ParticleAnalyzer Implements ImageJ's Analyze Particles command.
Printer This plugin implements the File/Page Setup and File/Print commands.
Profiler Implements the Process/Plot Profile and Edit/Options/Profile Plot Options commands.
Projector This plugin creates a sequence of projections of a rotating volume (stack of slices) onto a plane using nearest-point (surface), brightest-point, or mean-value projection or a weighted combination of nearest- point projection with either of the other two methods (partial opacity).
RankFilters This plugin implements the Mean, Minimum, Maximum, Variance, Median, Remove Outliers and Despeckle commands.
Resizer Deprecated. replaced by ij.plugin.Resizer
RGBStackSplitter Splits an RGB image or stack into three 8-bit grayscale images or stacks.
RoiWriter Saves the current ROI outline to a file.
Rotator This plugin implements the Image/Rotate/Arbitrarily command.
SaltAndPepper Implements ImageJ's Process/Noise/Salt and Pepper command.
ScaleDialog Implements the Analyze/Set Scale command.
Shadows Implements the commands in the Process/Shadows submenu.
StackLabeler This plugin implements the Image/Stacks/Label command.
Transformer Implements the Flip and Rotate commands in the Image/Transform submenu.
Translator This plugin implements the Image/Translate command.
UnsharpMask This plugin-filter implements ImageJ's Unsharp Mask command.
Writer This plugin saves an image in tiff, gif, jpeg, bmp, png, text or raw format.
XYWriter Saves the XY coordinates of the current ROI boundary.
ZAxisProfiler Implements the Image/Stack/Plot Z-axis Profile command.