Package ij.plugin

Interface Summary
PlugIn Plugins that acquire images or display windows should implement this interface.

Class Summary
AboutBox This plugin implements the Help/About ImageJ command by opening the about.jpg in ij.jar, scaling it 400% and adding some text.
Animator This plugin animates stacks.
ArrowToolOptions This plugin implements the Edit/Options/Arrow Tool command.
AVI_Reader ImageJ Plugin for reading an AVI file into an image stack (one slice per video frame) Version 2008-07-03 by Michael Schmid, based on a plugin by Daniel Marsh and Wayne Rasband Restrictions and Notes: - Only few formats supported: - uncompressed 8 bit with palette (=LUT) - uncompressed 8 & 16 bit grayscale - uncompressed 24 & 32 bit RGB (alpha channel ignored) - uncompressed 32 bit AYUV (alpha channel ignored) - various YUV 4:2:2 compressed formats - png or jpeg-encoded individual frames.
BatchConverter This plugin implements the File/Batch/Convert command, which converts the images in a folder to a specified format.
BatchMeasure This plugin implements the File/Batch/Measure command, which measures all the images in a user-specified folder.
BatchProcesser This plugin implements the File/Batch/Macro and File/Batch/Virtual Stack commands.
BMP_Reader This plugin reads BMP files.
BMP_Writer Implements the File/Save As/BMP command.
BrowserLauncher This plugin implements the File/Import/URL command and the commands in the Help menu that open web pages.
CanvasResizer This plugin implements the Image/Adjust/Canvas Size command.
ClassChecker Checks for duplicate class and JAR files in the plugins folders and deletes older duplicates.
Clipboard Copies and pastes images to the clipboard.
Colors This plugin implements most of the Edit/Options/Colors command.
CommandLister Lists ImageJ commands or keyboard shortcuts in a text window.
Commands Runs File and Window menu commands.
Compiler Compiles and runs plugins using the javac compiler.
CompositeConverter This plugin imlements the Image/Color/Make Composite command.
Concatenator This plugin, which concatenates two images or stacks, implements the Image/Stacks/Concatenate command.
ContrastEnhancer Implements ImageJ's Process/Enhance Contrast command.
ControlPanel ControlPanel.
Converter Implements the conversion commands in the Image/Type submenu.
DICOM This plugin decodes DICOM files.
Distribution This plugin implements the Analyze/Distribution command.
DragAndDrop This class opens images, roi's, luts and text files dragged and dropped on the "ImageJ" window.
Duplicator This plugin implements the Image/Duplicate command.
FFT This class implements the FFT, Inverse FFT and Redisplay Power Spectrum commands in the Process/FFT submenu.
FFTMath The class implements the Process/FFT/Math command.
FileInfoVirtualStack This plugin opens a multi-page TIFF file as a virtual stack.
FITS_Reader Opens and displays FITS images.
FITS_Writer This plugin saves a 16 or 32 bit image in FITS format.
FolderOpener Implements the File/Import/Image Sequence command, which opens a folder of images as a stack.
GelAnalyzer This plugin generates gel profile plots that can be analyzed using the wand tool.
GifWriter Writes a stack as an animated Gif
Histogram This plugin implements the Analyze/Histogram command.
Hotkeys Implements the Plugins/Hotkeys/Install and Remove commands.
HyperStackConverter Implements the "Stack to HyperStack", "RGB to HyperStack" and "HyperStack to Stack" commands.
HyperStackReducer Implements the Image/HyperStacks/Reduce Dimensionality command.
ImageCalculator This plugin implements the Process/Image Calculator command.
ImageJ_Updater This plugin implements the Help/Update ImageJ command.
ImagesToStack Implements the Image/Stacks/Images to Stack" command.
Installer Implements the Plugins/Shortcuts/Install...
JavaProperties Displays the Java system properties in a text window.
JpegWriter The File/Save As/Jpeg command (FileSaver.saveAsJpeg() method) uses this plugin to save images in JPEG format.
ListVirtualStack This plugin opens images specified by list of file paths as a virtual stack.
LutLoader Opens NIH Image look-up tables (LUTs), 768 byte binary LUTs (256 reds, 256 greens and 256 blues), LUTs in text format, or generates the LUT specified by the string argument passed to the run() method.
Macro_Runner Opens and runs a macro file.
MacroInstaller This plugin implements the Plugins/Macros/Install Macros command.
MeasurementsWriter Writes measurements to a tab-delimited text file.
Memory This plugin implements the Edit/Options/Memory command.
MemoryMonitor This plugin continuously plots ImageJ's memory utilization.
MontageMaker Implements the Image/Stacks/Make Montage command.
NewPlugin This class creates a new macro or the Java source for a new plugin.
Options This plugin implements most of the commands in the Edit/Options sub-menu.
OverlayCommands This plugin implements the commands in the Image/Overlay menu.
PGM_Reader This plugin opens PxM format images.
PNG_Writer Saves in PNG format using the ImageIO classes.
ProxySettings This plugin implements the Plugins/Utilities/Proxy Settings command.
Raw This plugin implements the File/Import/Raw command.
Resizer This plugin implements the Edit/Crop and Image/Adjust/Size commands.
RGBStackConverter Converts a 2 or 3 slice stack, or a hyperstack, to RGB.
RoiReader Opens ImageJ, NIH Image and Scion Image for windows ROI outlines.
ScaleBar This plugin implements the Analyze/Tools/Draw Scale Bar command.
Scaler This plugin implements the Image/Scale command.
ScreenGrabber This plugin implements the Image/Flatten, Plugins/Utilities/Capture Screen and Plugins/Utilities/Capture Image commands.
Selection This plugin implements the commands in the Edit/Section submenu.
SimpleCommands This plugin implements the Plugins/Utilities/Unlock, Image/Rename and Plugins/Utilities/Search commands.
Slicer Implements the Image/Stacks/Reslice command.
SpecifyROI This plugin implements the Edit/Selection/Specify command.
StackCombiner This plugin implements the Image/Stacks/Combine command.
StackEditor Implements the AddSlice, DeleteSlice and "Stack to Images" commands.
StackReverser Implements the Image/Transform/Flip Z command.
StackWriter This plugin, which saves the images in a stack as separate files, implements the File/Save As/Image Sequence command.
Straightener This plugin implements the Edit/Selection/Straighten command.
TextFileReader This plugin displays the contents of a text file in a window.
TextReader This plugin opens a tab or comma delimeted text file as an image.
TextWriter This plugin implements the File/Save As/Text command.
ThreadLister Displays thread information in a text window.
Thresholder This plugin implements the Process/Binary/Make Binary and Convert to Mask commands.
Timer ImageJ plugin for measuring the speed of various Java operations.
URLOpener Opens TIFFs, ZIP compressed TIFFs, DICOMs, GIFs and JPEGs using a URL.
WandToolOptions This plugin implements the Edit/Options/Wand Tool command.
XYCoordinates Writes the XY coordinates and pixel values of all non-background pixels to a tab-delimited text file.
Zoom This plugin implements the commands in the Image/Zoom submenu.
ZProjector This plugin performs a z-projection of the input stack.