JS9 Demo: remote (server-based) data analysis
FITS representation files: FITS images and binary tables:
JS9 can perform remote data analysis in two ways:
  • The JS9 Analysis menu will run remote analysis tasks and display results in light-weight windows. This option is self-contained and does not require any additional Web programming or HTML display elements.
  • The Web page author can create a user interface to execute remote analysis on the current image and display the returned results. In this case, the author sets up buttons, forms, etc., and supplies JavaScript code to display results in the page.
The buttons located above, along with this 'results' window, illustrate option #2: a Web interface to JS9 data analysis. See the page source for implementation details.

JS9 also support local (browser-based) analysis using plugins. See the plugins and imexam demos below.

JS9 Demos:

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