JS9 Demo: specifying width and height for JS9 displays

The JS9 display has a default width and height of 512x512. You can change this by adding data-width and data-height attributes to the divs. For example, to create a display of size 256x256, use:

    <div class="JS9" data-width="256px" data-height="256px">
The data-width and data-height attributes can be applied to other JS9 divs, such as the menubar. For smaller menubars, make sure you specify a height value as well:
    <div class="JS9Menubar" id="JS9-256_Menubar" data-width="256px" data-height="54px">
For smaller JS9 displays, you can change the style of the Menubar to "mac": the File, Edit and View menus will be displayed on the left side of the menubar and the Help menu on the right. The other main menus are displayed as sub-menus within the View menu.

JS9 Demos:

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