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Uses of Roi in ij

Fields in ij declared as Roi
protected  Roi ImagePlus.roi

Methods in ij that return Roi
 Roi ImagePlus.getRoi()
          Returns the current selection, or null if there is no selection.

Methods in ij with parameters of type Roi
 void ImagePlus.setOverlay(Roi roi, java.awt.Color strokeColor, int strokeWidth, java.awt.Color fillColor)
          Creates an Overlay from the specified ROI, and assigns it to this image.
 void ImagePlus.setRoi(Roi newRoi)
          Assigns the specified ROI to this image and displays it.
 void ImagePlus.setRoi(Roi newRoi, boolean updateDisplay)
          Assigns 'newRoi' to this image and displays it if 'updateDisplay' is true.

Uses of Roi in ij.gui

Subclasses of Roi in ij.gui
 class Arrow
          This is an Roi subclass for creating and displaying arrows.
 class FreehandRoi
          Freehand region of interest or freehand line of interest
 class ImageRoi
          An ImageRoi is an Roi that displays an image as an overlay.
 class Line
          This class represents a straight line selection.
 class OvalRoi
          Oval region of interest
 class PointRoi
          This class represents a collection of points.
 class PolygonRoi
          This class represents a polygon region of interest or polyline of interest.
 class ShapeRoi
          A subclass of ij.gui.Roi (2D Regions Of Interest) implemented in terms of java.awt.Shape.
 class TextRoi
          This class is a rectangular ROI containing text.

Fields in ij.gui declared as Roi
static Roi Roi.previousRoi

Methods in ij.gui that return Roi
 Roi Overlay.get(int i)
 Roi[] ShapeRoi.getRois()
          Converts a Shape into Roi object(s).
 Roi ShapeRoi.shapeToRoi()
          Attempts to convert this ShapeRoi into a non-composite Roi.
 Roi[] Overlay.toArray()

Methods in ij.gui with parameters of type Roi
 void Overlay.add(Roi roi)
 void Overlay.addElement(Roi roi)
 void Roi.copyAttributes(Roi roi2)
          Copy the attributes (outline color, fill color, outline width) of 'roi2' to the this selection.
 void Overlay.remove(Roi roi)
 void ImageCanvas.setDisplayList(Roi roi, java.awt.Color color)
          Deprecated. replaced by ImagePlus.setOverlay(Roi, Color, int, Color)
 PointRoi PointRoi.subtractPoints(Roi roi)
          Subtract the points that intersect the specified ROI and return the result.

Constructors in ij.gui with parameters of type Roi
Overlay(Roi roi)
RoiProperties(java.lang.String title, Roi roi)
          Constructs a ColorChooser using the specified title and initial color.
ShapeRoi(Roi r)
          Constructs a ShapeRoi from an Roi.

Uses of Roi in

Methods in that return Roi
 Roi RoiDecoder.getRoi()
          Returns the ROI.
 Roi RoiDecoder.getShapeRoi()
static Roi RoiDecoder.openFromByteArray(byte[] bytes)
          Opens an ROI from a byte array.
 Roi Opener.openRoi(java.lang.String path)
          Attempts to open the specified ROI, returning null if unsuccessful.

Methods in with parameters of type Roi
static byte[] RoiEncoder.saveAsByteArray(Roi roi)
          Saves the specified ROI as a byte array.
 void RoiEncoder.write(Roi roi)
          Save the Roi to the file of stream.

Uses of Roi in ij.measure

Methods in ij.measure with parameters of type Roi
 void ResultsTable.update(int measurements, ImagePlus imp, Roi roi)

Uses of Roi in ij.plugin

Methods in ij.plugin with parameters of type Roi
 ImageProcessor Straightener.straighten(ImagePlus imp, Roi roi, int width)
 ImageStack Straightener.straightenStack(ImagePlus imp, Roi roi, int width)

Uses of Roi in ij.plugin.filter

Methods in ij.plugin.filter with parameters of type Roi
protected  void ParticleAnalyzer.drawParticle(ImageProcessor drawIP, Roi roi, ImageStatistics stats, ImageProcessor mask)
          Draws a selected particle in a separate image.
protected  void ParticleAnalyzer.saveResults(ImageStatistics stats, Roi roi)
          Saves statistics for one particle in a results table.
 void Analyzer.saveResults(ImageStatistics stats, Roi roi)
          Saves the measurements specified in the "Set Measurements" dialog, or by calling setMeasurements(), in the default results table.

Uses of Roi in ij.plugin.frame

Methods in ij.plugin.frame that return Roi
 Roi[] RoiManager.getRoisAsArray()
          Returns the ROIs as an array.
 Roi[] RoiManager.getSelectedRoisAsArray()
          Returns the selected ROIs as an array, or all the ROIs if none are selected.

Methods in ij.plugin.frame with parameters of type Roi
 void RoiManager.add(ImagePlus imp, Roi roi, int n)
          Adds the specified ROI to the list.
 void RoiManager.addRoi(Roi roi)
          Adds the specified ROI.

Uses of Roi in ij.process

Methods in ij.process with parameters of type Roi
 void ImageProcessor.draw(Roi roi)
          Draws an Roi.
 void ImageProcessor.fill(Roi roi)
          Fills the ROI with the current fill/draw value.
 void ImageProcessor.fillOutside(Roi roi)
          Fills outside an Roi.
 void ImageProcessor.setRoi(Roi roi)
          Defines a non-rectangular region of interest that will consist of a rectangular ROI and a mask.