Uses of Interface

Packages that use Measurements

Uses of Measurements in ij

Classes in ij that implement Measurements
 class CompositeImage
 class ImagePlus
          This is an extended image class that supports 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit (real) and RGB images.

Uses of Measurements in ij.gui

Classes in ij.gui that implement Measurements
 class HistogramWindow
          This class is an extended ImageWindow that displays histograms.

Uses of Measurements in ij.macro

Classes in ij.macro that implement Measurements
 class Functions
          This class implements the built-in macro functions.

Uses of Measurements in ij.plugin

Classes in ij.plugin that implement Measurements
 class BMP_Reader
          This plugin reads BMP files.
 class ContrastEnhancer
          Implements ImageJ's Process/Enhance Contrast command.
 class DICOM
          This plugin decodes DICOM files.
 class FFT
          This class implements the FFT, Inverse FFT and Redisplay Power Spectrum commands in the Process/FFT submenu.
 class FITS_Reader
          Opens and displays FITS images.
 class LutLoader
          Opens NIH Image look-up tables (LUTs), 768 byte binary LUTs (256 reds, 256 greens and 256 blues), LUTs in text format, or generates the LUT specified by the string argument passed to the run() method.
 class PGM_Reader
          This plugin opens PxM format images.
 class Selection
          This plugin implements the commands in the Edit/Section submenu.
 class Thresholder
          This plugin implements the Process/Binary/Make Binary and Convert to Mask commands.

Uses of Measurements in ij.plugin.filter

Classes in ij.plugin.filter that implement Measurements
 class Analyzer
          This plugin implements ImageJ's Analyze/Measure and Analyze/Set Measurements commands.
 class Calibrator
          Implements the Analyze/Calibrate command.
 class FFTCustomFilter
          This class implements the Process/FFT/Custom Filter command.
 class FFTFilter
          This class implements the Process/FFT/Bandpass Filter command.
 class Filler
          This plugin implements ImageJ's Fill, Clear, Clear Outside and Draw commands.
 class LineGraphAnalyzer
          Implements ImageJ's Analyze/Tools/Analyze Line Graph command.
 class ParticleAnalyzer
          Implements ImageJ's Analyze Particles command.
 class ZAxisProfiler
          Implements the Image/Stack/Plot Z-axis Profile command.

Uses of Measurements in ij.plugin.frame

Classes in ij.plugin.frame that implement Measurements
 class ColorThresholder
          Selects pixels according to hsb or rgb components.
 class ThresholdAdjuster
          Adjusts the lower and upper threshold levels of the active image.

Uses of Measurements in ij.process

Classes in ij.process that implement Measurements
 class ByteStatistics
          8-bit image statistics, including histogram.
 class ColorStatistics
          RGB image statistics, including histogram.
 class FloatStatistics
          32-bit (float) image statistics, including histogram.
 class ImageStatistics
          Statistics, including the histogram, of an image or selection.
 class ShortStatistics
          16-bit image statistics, including histogram.
 class StackStatistics
          Statistics, including the histogram, of a stack.